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Farewell Piano Concerto No.1

"Farewell Piano Concerto" released in June 2017. Farewell Piano Concerto's three separate movements are distinctly structured to sound as if each movements are connected and glued together as a single unit.


It explores the theme of loss and survival of those who remain. At different stages and at some point in our lives, all of us experience the loss of our loved ones. Whether such loss is unexpected or expected, the pain is real and the memory lives on. 


Farewell Piano Concerto explores this pain and struggle to accept the reality of their absence and the desire to hold on. The loss of loved ones from accident, illness, or broken relationship could leave us with unending flooding feelings of emptiness that just refuse to be filled. 


Yet, as we gratefully embrace the love and memory they gave us, love heals us. It's the love that keeps them with us and fills the emptiness as their legacies and the memories we shared live on forever in our hearts and in our minds. 


Farewell Piano Concerto is more than a special memorial piece that honors the memory of our loved ones. It is an active affirmation of life and unending celebration of love we hold so dear.

살아가면서 여러 가지 모습으로 사랑하는 사람을 하나 둘, 낙엽과 같이 떠나 보내야할 때가 있다. 불의의 사고로, 질병으로, 때로는 가슴 시린 이별로...


텅 비어 버린 적막한 마음은 그 어떠한 것으로도 채워지지 않을 것만 같지만, 문득 그들과의 추억이 내 삶을 웃음짓게 할 때, 그들과 함께임을 느낀다. 가슴 속에 늘 함께 할 소중한 이들을 추억하며 그 마음을 담은 곡이다. 

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